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Alan Bird

Team: Templar Knights
Exposed: 05-08-2018
Location: Blidworth
Man caught by paedophile hunters

A man who believed he was grooming a child online has avoided a prison sentence
Alan Bird, 52 of Blidworth appeared at Nottingham Crown Court where he admitted sexual communication with a child
The court was told that Bird had contacted what he believed was a online profile of a child. Bird sent sexually charged messages and images of his manhood, with a view to engage in sexual activity with the girl
However, the child was actually an undercover adult member of paedophile hunting team ‘Templar Knights’.
The team confronted Bird at his workplace and questioned him over his internet activity.
Bird accepted he had sent messages of a sexual nature, and confirmed the pictures were of him. The police were called and Bird was arrested and later charged with grooming offences
The judge sentenced Bird to an 18 month prison sentence, which was suspended
He was given a five year sexual harm prevention order which limits his internet activity and contact with any child aged under 16
He was also placed on the sex offenders register